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Setting up a meeting
Once you've planned how your project or renovation will fit your home, give Richard a call. He can be reached at:
Tel:  (705) 657.9600
Fax: (705) 657.0000
Email: Email us here.

A professional contractor
Richard can handle and coordinate every aspect of your project including the design work, obtaining permits, ordering parts and materials and contracting special trades. Richard is a member of the Ontario and Peterborough Home Builders' Associations.

About subcontractors
A subtradesperson works in a specific trade such as plumbing, heating, electrical or drywall installation. Richard may end up contracting out some of the specific jobs to subtrades. This is called subcontracting. Subcontracting is common place in many projects, and it is Richard's job to make sure that all the tradesmen and their materials all come together smoothly to achieve your project goals.

The initial meeting
Once you have arranged a one-on-one meeting, it would be ideal to have anyone involved in the project on hand as well, to discuss your plans. Try to keep distractions such as pets, children and phone calls to a minimum during this initial meeting. Have the following ready:

  • know what you want to accomplish
  • list your priorities
  • set out a realistic budget
  • researching some products and designs before the meeting would be helpful

Keep in mind that you'll be opening your home to a contractor for several weeks, or even months! A daunting idea with someone you don't know! Richard and his team have kept the trust of every client on every project, during 15 years of work.


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