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The final design
This is usually the final step before engaging a contractor. With Richard, once you are satisfied with the estimate and supplied references, a design must be made from which the final quote can be derived.

The final design is a "recipe" for the project to follow - the specifications that define the project. It provides enough detail for all carpenters and any subtradesmen to follow. Because of the time involved, there is usually a fee associated to the production of the design. It will be applied to the overall cost of the project, unless you arrange it yourself.

Arranging the design yourself
Richard Northey Custom Carpentry is happy to refer you to a designer. You can however, arrange to have the design plans made yourself, by hiring an architect, interior designer or draftsman. If you do this, Richard will base his final quote on the plans you provide.

Reviewing the plans and quote
As a team, the client and contractor must:

  • Make doubly sure the design specs are accurate, especially in relation to the finish and quality of the materials
  • Write final comments (likes and dislikes) about the final work to be done
  • Make sure the project can be completed as planned
  • Agree on a start date
  • Agree on a finishing date

Changes to the plan
Be confident in the preparations listed above. After you agree to them, changes will probably cost you extra.


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