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Lets get to work!
With all the necessary preparations completed - the plan, the quote, the contract - we can now get to work on the project! This stage is fairly straightforward - our team will carry out the physical work exactly as specified. Throughout the job, Richard Northey Custom Carpentry will:

  • Keep disruptions like noise and dust to a minimum (we have specially designed clean-air room filters and vacuums for the finest of dust particles. Even drywall dust!)
  • Keep all work areas tidy
  • Respect your property at all times
  • Identify unforeseen conditions/problems as soon as possible, and provide reasonable solutions or workarounds
  • Give you regular progress reports

What you can do during the project
Here's what you can do to help speed along the project and protect your property:

  • Remove furniture and other items from the work area before our team shows up
  • Cover up or protect items that cannot be removed
  • Arrange areas for washup, placement of materials, tools and refuse bins
  • Allow access to washroom facilities and hydro

Unforeseen conditions
Unforeseen conditions spring up during projects despite the best of house inspections. Unusual construction details, hidden electrical and plumbing chases as well as isolated incidents of decay are often impossible to predict. These conditions may hamper timely or safe completion of the project. If this is indeed the case, Richard will let you know immediately, and there may have to be a change or upgrade to the plan.

Salvage and refuse removal
Disposal of building material and refuse is becoming more costly and difficult. Richard will discuss opportunities for recycling and reusing building materials involved in the project. We will also coordinate all dumpster bin delivery and removal from the work-site.

The rule of thumb on a project is that the contractor will remove any debris related to the work, so if there is something you want to save (like a mantelpiece), be sure to mention it ahead of time and Richard will put it aside.


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