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Hill House - a complete renovation
Photographic examples of a complete renovation - inside and out - of a passive solar, earth-burmed house.

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Hill House as it is sometimes called, is located in Bethany, Ontario. This was an unusual project in that 3 sides of the house are underground - built into the side of a hill. Only the front, composed of 2 stories of low-e glass, are above-ground.

The maintenance of the interior and exterior had been ignored for several years, and although the house was still quite sound, structurally, it needed renovation attention everywhere. While perhaps one of the most unusual houses Richard has worked on, his abilities to coordinate and solve all the issues with the residence made him a good match for the owners.

Below is a list of renovation items Richard and his team took care of during this 4 month long project:

  • Interior and exterior design advice and consultation
  • Arranging for an architect and subsequent drawings
  • Tear-down and debris removal of interior walls and floors
  • Concrete pour for the entire ground-floor (mass required to absorb heat from the sun)
  • Concrete staining and finishing
  • Building and drywalling new room walls
  • Coordinating & subcontracting new electrical wiring throughout
  • Coordinating & subcontracting new plumbing throughout
  • Floor repair
  • Coordinating & subcontracting carpet installation
  • Steel roof repairs
  • Steel roof installation
  • Kitchen installation - from design to installation
  • Bathroom installation - from consulation to installation of fixtures and tile
  • Crown moulding and trim work
  • Appliance installation and hookup
  • Coordinating & subcontracting a replacement fireplace



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