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The importance of your contract
Richard Northey Custom Carpentry will provide you with a detailed contract that both you and Richard agree fully encompasses the project. Take your time to review it - it is carefully written to indicate the exact terms, conditions and description of the project.

By its very nature, home renovations and projects are individual, so we want you to be satisfied with the unique aspects of your contract.

What to expect in the contract
Because the contract is a legally binding agreement between Richard Northey Custom Carpentry and yourself, it should include plans and specifications, as well as the written agreement. In it will be provided:

  • a written complete and accurate agreement
  • a schedule that indicates if and when customer supplied products or tradesmen are required
  • The identity of any necessary permits or legal requirements that need attention

What you can do
Because of its importance, as a client you should be prepared to:

  • Read and understand all terms and conditions in the contract. (Feel free to ask questions if you're unsure about anything.)
  • Make sure any special requests or considerations are covered
  • Be flexible if any deletions or additions are made to the contract
  • Help prepare the work-site as agreed to (i.e. remove furniture, fragile items, etc.) before the work begins

Who's responsible for what
Richard can coordinate every aspect of the planned project, leaving you worry-free until project completion. If you wish to hire your own subcontractor, or arrange for materials yourself, now's the time to clearly define who's responsible for what.

Administration fees for any coordination of materials or tradesmen will be clearly indicated in the contract.


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